Real You: What's shaking?

Yes, I was. During the 5.4 magnitude earthquake - the first such experience of my life. Just me, and the dog, and a house rolling like we'd just set sail on rough seas. And yes, it was quick, but it didn't seem like it.
My mild earthquake experience jolted me into realizing - again - that we don't know what's coming, but we can do our best to be prepared for it. Myself, I froze instead of heading to a reinforced doorway. (Very disappointing.) Next time, I hope to do better. The quake also made me realize - again - that even though it is summer, and it could be easy to not work as hard or not write this blog or not pursue my dream, I need to keep moving forward.
Don't let the season lull or dull your passion. Be ready to move, take action, go for what you want! Be you. Be real. Enjoy! And get going!