Real You: The power of your voice

A moment of zen from the desert One of my favorite people, voice coach Arthur Joseph, has worked with an amazing line-up of celebrities, sports stars and ordinary folks in addition to his work with singers. His message, quite simply, is your voice is the window to your heart and soul. In his world, your voice is your Real You. The ability to speak clearly, to be heard, to voice your opinion is essential today, probably more than ever. Because even with technology and instant communication, when you have a chance to face one person or a room full of people, it's your voice, your words and their power that will either make them hear you or not.
And there is nothing like voice to convey emotion. (I'm saying that and I'm a writer!) Case in point: just spoke with my 15 year old on the telephone. He's at camp in Maine. We've been writing, secretly texting, but still the moment I heard his voice meant the world to me.
Do you use your voice to its full power? Are you saying what you mean, meaning what you say and standing in your power. When you have a chance to communicate directly - person to person - are you doing so powerfully? Think about it. It matters.