Real You: The power of words

As Real Living and GMAC Real Estate brokers and agents embrace and connect across the country, new relationships are being developed through the power of words. Brand. Red. Real. Technology. Partnering. Power. Real estate. Together. Vision. Future. Success.
All of those words and more are being used by a dedicated team to bring two great organizations together. And it's going great! More and more companies are becoming Real Living and the momentum is spreading across the U.S.
What's it like at your company? Beyond the basic words of sales, beyond the words of marketing, or services you deliver to your team and ultimately your customers, a most powerful, unspoken word is most often at the heart of all decisions.
At the base level of how all other words - and actions - are interpreted is TRUST. Trust is defined as: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence; confident expectation of something; hope.
Trust the people you work with. Doing so leaves open the confident expectation of hope, especially in today's economic times. Your team needs you to trust them, to rely on them, to empower them. Trust is the foundation of all great companies. It's exciting to see so many GMAC folks trusting the Real Living brand, embracing it and moving forward with confidence.
Hopefully, you trust your team. If not, if you doubt a member of your team, take a close look at what that means. It's a toxic situation. But, is the lack of trust because of the other person and what s/he did, or is it inherent in your world view?
Without trust, all of those other words lose their meaning.