Real You: If you snark, make sure you're right

Ok, let's face it. Not everyday is sunshine and puppies and ice cream. Somedays, it's just one of those days. You've gotta snark. But if it is one of those snark days for you, make sure you don't turn it into one of those days for someone else - UNLESS she deserves it!
Here's the story. A communications person from an organization that I respect - that will remain nameless because I like most everyone associated with it and what it stands for - emailed me today to tell me I was being replaced on a panel coming up during New York Entrepreneur Week in April due to lack of payment of my dues. Now, I didn't know until two weeks ago that dues were, well, due. I found that out when I checked my spam filter - I've mentioned my new Canadian spam filter here before - and saw the membership renewal in there.

Here was her email today: I apologize for this oversight, at the time of this opportunity you were recorded as a member, however now we have recorded that you are unpaid and a former member. Because of this I have to give this opportunity to another member.
I don't think it's just me who would consider this snarky. Picking me for a panel in January, and then plucking me from it in March after just notifying me dues were due - and like this - isn't really great customer service. And so I wrote back, saying I had just received the renewal for membership two weeks ago, found it in my spam filter, and was having it processed. But now, with this, I'm just not so sure it's the right organization for me. (I was perhaps a bit snarky, but I was mad and disappointed. I love panels.)
Her reply: Certainly not my intention to upset you. We have in our records that you have not paid since April ’08, we do give a significant amount of time before recording a member as former. I was not attempting to assume, simply stating what we have in our records. I’m not sure how the hard copy mailing made it to your spam filter, but I’m happy you were able to find it.
Now, she's doubting me and calling me a liar. A DOUBLE SNARK.
Final irony? I checked with my accounting department. Check for $850 was processed and mailed on June 6, 2008; however, it was never cashed. I had no idea. How would I? I guess my check got lost in their spam filter.