Real You: It's tough out there, but stay true to you

I just watched the Personal Branding segment on The Today Show and while I respect anybody who goes on national television and helps motivate folks to articulate their personal brands, I did worry about his message.

On the segment, an author and branding expert seemed to encouraged people to figure out a gimmick - wearing black, like he does - or changing yourself to help people remember you. I'm all for the five senses of branding, but to make yourself memorable, it must start with the real you. Have you taken the time to reflect? When's the last time you wrote your story?
For many of us today, personal branding is falling by the wayside as we scramble for another job, another consulting gig or the like. Personal branding isn't about gimmicks. Personal branding is understanding and articulating your unique personal brand and then conveying it as your unique competitive advantage.
It all starts with you. I've created an 8-step process, accompanied by The Real You Chart. It works. It can work for you, too. You need to decide today is the day to invest the time in the real you. When you do, you won't need gimmicks. All you'll need is the Real You.
For more, check out my book: Real You Incorporated