Real You: What's good for you?

Do you know? Sure, vegetables and sunshine, exercise and laughter are good for you, but do you know what's good for you in business? It's probably about the same thing. Do you eat lunch with people who make you laugh? Are you sharing a smile and a story with at least one other person during your workday? Do you leave your office - whether it's a desk at home or a high-rise downtown - feeling good, accomplished, respected? If not, it's not healthy. As women, we tend to struggle in the areas of earning, saving and net worth. It's because, many times, we don't feel like we deserve it. We sacrifice. We don't say we're they one who actually did the project. We think our time for recognition will come. But it won't. Not if you don't make it so. What's good for you is to generate the wealth you deserve. It's good for you to take care of yourself first, and worry about preserving business relationships second. It's worth it to press for payment on a past-due bill, to charge what you're worth. Women still earn 77 cents to every dollar a man makes. Why? Because we sacrifice. We care what others think. We take care of others first. Stand up and demand what you deserve. That's good for you, and your business, too.