Real You: Stunning tribute created by students

Pepperdine University 9/11 Memorial Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in California provides dramatic views at almost every turn. But this week, in Malibu, the front lawn of Pepperdine University is covered in almost 3,000 flags representing those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

At first, you are struck by the number of billowing flags, then by the flags of different nations throughout the tribute. The idea for the memorial sprung from the ranks of the students and this is the second year for the display. Pepperdine alunmi Tom Burnett was one of the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, who with fellow passengers wrestled control of the plane from the hijackers before they could fly it into the capitol building.

Words cannot express the beauty of the tribute, nor the chills it creates as you drive by and remember.