Real You: Another type of labor day

The other family membersDylan and the Director, Jeff Daniels My youngest son, Dylan, is an actor and he just booked his first professional job out in LA. The reason it's relevant to Labor Day? The show is a Discovery Health series, in its fourth season, called "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". Really.

Each episode features two real-life stories of women who didn't know they were having a baby until they went into labor. After having four kids myself, I am astonished by their stories, and apparently, so are all of the viewers who tune in! Dylan's character is the stepson of the woman who didn't know she was pregnant. He had an amazing time shooting both on location in Los Angeles and in the studio. The cast and crew of the production are great.

And what did I learn, aside from the fact that there are a lot of women who are pregnant and don't know it? I learned that the set of a reality television series is a mini-community - a family of sorts that guest actors drop into by day. The crew has a culture and a tempo, just like any other office environment. And I also learned, as a first-time set mom, that there are a lot of rules about my role and responsibilities. It's another setting where I'll need to tap into the Real You process and find my way.

I do know, though, when the director - Jeff Daniels shown in the photo with Dylan - wrapped and told Dylan he did a great job, Dylan's smile made the days worthwhile. He's following his passion for acting, and I am behind him every step of the way. Learning a new job, as "momager", isn't easy, but as with every thing you do for your kids, it's a labor of love whether they were expected or not!