Real You: Is your marketing to blame? Probably not!

Discover your perfect customer during the dog days of summer! Hmmmm. You bought an ad. Attended a networking function. Redesigned your website. Created a new name for your business. And, you finally put together your vision board. But, still, nothing. No new business. So what's wrong? Maybe it isn't your marketing message - maybe it's that your product/service offering isn't quite right. If you've forgotten the critical step of clearly identifying your target audience - those people most likely to buy/enjoy your business' offering - then your marketing message won't resonate. Take the time - today - to be sure you know who your best customer is, clearly. If yours is a new business, imagine who it is. Create a vision board - for your customer. Where does this customer live, work, shop, eat, laugh, play, visit - online and off, vacation? Drill down, as much as possible. Does your customer have pets? Kids? During these dog days of summer, think about your customer. By the end of the process, you should feel like you know her well enough to send her a birthday card. And, maybe you should!