Real You: Change

All of us in small businesses across America are waiting for it. The change that lets you know it really is the bottom, that tomorrow really will be brighter. Whether it's a florist who moved into new space just before the recession hit, or the high-end hair stylist who's best clients cannot afford her services now, or the frame store owner who can now go days without a customer walking in - we are all waiting.In most posts, I write about accepting change, embracing it and making your dreams come true through entrepreneurship. And that type of active change still applies. But if you, like many of us, are waiting for the economy to change - the passive change - well, that seems even harder to embrace. Remember, though, you are not alone. Walk outside your store and talk to the retailer down the street. If you're running a home-based business, pick up the telephone and call someone else who is in the same boat - or boat-making business, perhaps. Passively waiting for change, for "things" to "get better" is tough. Going it alone is awful. We've all learned lessons through these times we are in. We've learned how strong we are, we've learned what matters, and we've learned, most assuredly, that we cannot control the rate of change in anything, or in anyone, but ourselves. So try to relax. Change what you can, and in the meantime, reach out. We are all in this together.