Just survived a snark attack!

If you've read my book, you know I'm fond of labeling snarks as the folks who try to inflict harm on the Real You as you strike out to step into your power and grab your entrepreneurial dreams. And unfortunately, it's almost always the case that the more successful you become, the more yourself you become, the more you stir up the snarks. That's why I've created a microsite called Snark Infested Waters for you to rate snarks and tell your story of survival. Because it's also true that with each set-back, with each snark attack you do become stronger. (I know, it still hurst while it's happening, and you may need time to heal.) So which snark attacked me today? Was it a Con-Artist Snark, Bubble-Bursting Snark, Sexist Snark? I'm not telling, suffice it to say it was enough of an attack for me to remind you if you've had one lately, you're not alone. Go ahead. Rate your snark attack and jump back into calm, pleasant waters! Happy swimming!