Dog days customer lessons

Family driving vacation with Oreo Family driving vacations are a blast, no matter if it's a staycation or heading a bit farther - like our family is doing. We're driving from Ohio to California, and the dog is with us! What does that mean? Well, fortunately, Oreo is a good traveller. Also, fortunately, a quick perusal of my AAA State Guide Books - love AAA and their discounts, and even the TripTiks in the era of Navigation Systems - gave me a range of choices for overnight stays with pets. We haven't done this before - travel with Oreo - and I didn't realize how many motel/hotels offer the perk for pooches. First night: Springfield, Missouri. Perfect property. Candlewood Suites, a franchise concept from Intercontinental Hotel Group. Clean rooms, friendly staff welcoming Oreo and us. Next night: Albuquerque, New Mexico. La Quinta Inn and Suites. Welcoming dog biscuits at the front desk, and friendly staff. Enclosed courtyard for dogs. But, stinky, dirty-carpet room. Clearly, we were the 700th dog family to occupy Suite 221. It's a Catch 22, I suppose. Being pet-friendly means more wear and tear on the property. But, I go to a hotel for a clean, well-lighted place and the La Quinta wasn't that, welcome dog biscuits and all. The lesson? Deliver all the way. If your Real You brand makes a promise to the customer - pet friendly facilities, for example, don't forget the given. Not only should the dogs be happy, but their owners, the ones paying the bill, should be, too. Remember all of your customers' and their needs, or run the risk of just being half as good as you could be.