Real You: Take a Hiring Hint from Apple

Have you ever met someone that had a spark? A stranger or acquaintance you instantly connected with and thought, that person is going places. Or maybe she was a great salesperson who went above and beyond to make your visit complete. You know, the kind of person that makes you want to visit again and again and tell your friends about the outstanding experience.  Recruit those people! They’re special. They’re driven. They’re unique, and they might just make the perfect addition to your team. You could begin the conversation by asking how they enjoy doing x. Or maybe you say, “You are a fantastic salesperson. Have you ever thought about the X industry?” 

One of my favorite brands, Apple, approaches these rising stars with “enticement” cards that display their logo with these words: “You’re amazing. We should talk.” The back goes on to tell the salesperson that their service was exceptional, and an associate would love to talk to them about their career. (See the card and read the full text at AppleTell.) 

So the next time you run into one of those real, genuine, exceptional folks, make sure you’re ready to introduce them to your business. 

How have you successfully recruited someone? Leave a comment!