Make radio interviews work for you.

I love radio interviews! They're a blast—but only if you're prepped and ready. Here are a few things I learned while on Real You Incorporated's radio tour.

• Do your homework, and get to know the station and its personalities. Learn their style, tone and audience. Are they jokesters, serious, down-to-earth? Listen to a few broadcasts. Most have a listen online feature.

• Know what you'll be asked ahead of time. If you're not provided with questions, send a few to the producer. Also include your background info—bio, product, Web address—to help educate the DJs and let them tell the audience about how great your product/service is.

• Ask for a copy of the interview before the broadcast begins. Some stations won't record it unless you ask. Use the interview on your site for promotion or a demo reel down the road if you're trying to book other interviews.

• Go into the interview knowing the key points you want to cover. This is about you and your product/service. So make sure you convey the right message. You don't have a lot of time, so be concise and powerful with your words. Remember, no technical/industry jargon.

• Rehearse with a colleague and avoid one word answers. Be ready to introduce yourself and your product/service in case the host doesn't.

• Promote your interview to your clients/community. Let them know you're going to be on. It brings you credibility and hopefully new business!

• Go to a quiet room and turn off all distractions, especially your email and cell phone. Call from a landline for the best reception, and don't use speakerphone.

• Send the hosts a thank-you note, and let them know you'd be happy to be a guest in the future.