Lessons from spring break

It's great to take a break, especially a spring break with your kids. I'm blessed that all four of mine were together this year, for our last family spring break. I say the last, because my oldest is headed to college next year and the breaks don't line up. To say that having him around for 17 spring breaks and then thinking about his impending absence put an added poignancy to this break, would be an understatement. I have found myself sighing a lot more than usual, that's for sure.

His future is exciting. The roots we've provided have given him the wings he needs to select a university across the country from home. And that's what parents give their children - roots and wings.

In business, it's much the same. We nurture our employees and their dreams, and when they decide to move on, we applaud. We nurture our services and products and then release them to the world. The future success of our businesses - and the true happiness in our lives - comes from our ability to let go in order to grow.

And it's much the same with our children. It's not easy, but when they are ready it becomes our time to let go and watch them grow.