Now is not the time to hide!

Ok, so it's winter. And the economy is well, bleaker than the next storm headed our way. Your first instinct these days may be to just give up. Whether it's your dream of starting a business, or changing the course of your career, it can be a daunting time. And it's especially so if you allow negative self-talk to stand in your way.

BUT, if you don't have faith in your personal brand, how can anyone else? Seriously.

So now is not the time to hide - it's time to shine. If you're out there in the world, in your power, there is no stopping you. Especially now. People are drawn to authentic, unique, visible and passionate people. It's the 101 of marketing and personal branding. Read about Karin Crawford and how she builds her flower business through the power of connecting. As Karin says, a lot of business owners think they don't have time to leave their businesses and head out into the world; she knows her business wouldn't have grown without it.

So, get out of your own way and get out there. Go to that networking event, even if it's snowing or pouring down rain. Go talk to the people in the office you never talk to and leave them all with a smile.

Do it today. And, keep moving!

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