Pursue Your Charitable Passion

If you’re not engaged in a charitable pursuit, follow your heart to get there. Pay attention to the needs in your community, and when it feels right, respond.

Pick three areas where your gifts could shine. Then, seek out organizations in your community that serve at least one of your chosen areas. Write them down, and check out their Web sites. Better yet, refer to http://www.volunteermatch.org/ for more ideas.

I’m a huge believer in giving back, and I make sure it’s part of my business and personal life. One of my many loves is the arts, and that’s why I’m a founding donor of the Wexner Center for the Arts. I will be hosting a panel discussion with five other notable women from the Columbus business community, including four from the book, at the Wexner Center at a date TBA. We’ll be discussing how women business owners are in a unique position to be givers to their communities by supporting their charitable passions. The discussion will also include how women can leverage the causes they’re already passionate about as part of their overall brand presence.

The free event, which begins with a reception and concludes with a book signing, will take place in the Performance Space at the Wexner Center for the Arts, located at 1871 N. High Street, Columbus. If you’re in the Columbus area, please join us!

Get inspired! Learn how you, too, can pursue a charitable passion that is right for you!