This has been exciting so far!

The first amazing step in publishing a book is holding the finished product in your hand. The next most amazing encounter is seeing it held in someone else's.

That's what has been happening this week. I spoke at several events this week - to women entrepreneurs who are part of the eWomen Network, to undergraduate business women at The Ohio State University, to high school juniors at the YWCA, to individuals at a bookstore - and each time I had a chance to interact about the book I felt the same excitement. The possibility of connecting on a deeper level. Of sharing ideas that are a bridge between us, and the chance to add empowerment on both sides. I love to learn from each encounter - and hopefully the feeling is mutual.

The third part of publishing a book is having someone approach you, or e-mail you, or blog about the book, or post a review about the effect the book has had on them. That's an amazing feeling - and I hope, at the very least - I can provide in the book half as much inspiration as I'm finding interacting with all of you across the country.

Thanks for joining the community.