What's it like to write a book?

That's the biggest question I've been asked lately, and with the book now in production with the publishing folks at Wiley, my answer is a lot different than what I would've said all last year!

Writing a book is tough. It's time consuming. Start with the pitch. For business books, you need a compelling proposal. It's almost like writing your book because all of the thoughts and content need a map and gameplan. I'd say that was the toughest part, really.

I knew what I was passionate about: the power of women in business and otherwise. I'd also just spent the past five years building what's one of the fastest-growing, progressive brand in real estate: Real Living. And, I knew my personal story as a brand marketer, a writer and woman in business for the last 25 plus years.

There was a lot to say! After a few months of drafts and revisions and the like, all of those thoughts ended up becoming 8 chapters, Real Facts, women entrepreneurs (and men, too) should consider as they build their careers or their own businesses. That was the first step. Then each of the chapters had to have an outline of the content, and most publishers want to see a sample chapter, too.

Ok, the proposal is finished. Next, you need an agent. That's tough, but if you've done your research, you know your competition and what agents work on what types of books. So that's the next step. Your agent finds a publisher.

And then, you work with the editor at the publishing company, change your outline again, and start writing. I had five months until the manuscript was due.

That part was very fun. I love to write. The rest was an adventure.

At the end, I'm proud of Real You Incorporated. Visit my Real You Incorporated Web site. Join the community. I'd love to hear from you.