Have you read the book Queen Bees and Wannabes?

You really should, even if you don't have a daughter - yet. The book describes in perfect detail how we women became socialized the way we did. It's by surviving middle school. My daughter graduates 8th grade tomorrow. I'm more than relieved. These middle school years are viscious. You know it, since you lived it, but until you witness it through your daughter's eyes again you can block it all out. The bullies. The peer pressure. The unbelievable social structure that permeates every act, thought, word and deed. It's enough to make you want to homeschool.

But all of these middle school tests do make you stronger, if you survive it. We women learn as girls how to undermine, undercut, undervalue, undereat and otherwise UNDER appreciate everyone except those in our own cliques. We also, conversely, learn the value of true friends and the art of survival.

If we could all take a little bit of those chills we faced walking through those middle school doors and learn to use them to change the world for the good, it would be a great thing. If those memories are still blocked, buy the book. You'll remember it all quite clearly, I promise.

Now, how can we do something about it and elevate all of our self esteems in the process? Think about that. Buy Rosalind Wiseman's book.