"It's really important that, as women, we tell our stories.

That is what helps seed our imaginations."
- Ann Bancroft

That quote got me thinking about the power of women and blogging. Really. We are the world's storytellers, even if we had to publish under a male pseudonym in the 18th century. You remember that, right?

I set up a Google alert to discover other women bloggers who are talking to the world and empowering women, either by pointing out obvious sexism in the traditional mainstream media or by praising random acts of kindness done by and for women around the world.

There is strength in numbers and the third wave will prove that both economically and numerically. On the Today Show this morning Marlo Thomas did a piece on third wave women entrepreneurs. The Flying Nun turned St. Judes spokeswoman turned broadcast journalist spreading the good word about women in business. Times they are a changing! Stay tuned!